ABI Range of Cylinder Cradles

ABI (Anti Bacterial Impregnated) cylinder management is the way for all healthcare establishments to go forward to aid in the fight against Infection Control. Our range of cylinder management products have been extended to include these items as they are the future of cylinder management.

Their construction is from a composite material where it has been impregnated with the anti bacterial active ingredients and designed to be virtually indestructible. We have driven a 3 tonne Range Rover over our cradles and then re-shaped them in a vice without any detriment and they have been fixed to a wall and had repeated bed and trolley strikes with no damage!

The singe piece molding allows no bacterial hiding places like joints or hinges do and the properties are throughout the product so any deep lacerations of damage will not reduce its anti bacterial properties.

There are 3 types of cradle available in this anti bacterial (ABI) range of products and would be happy to discuss this product further with you.

For further information please do not hesitate to contact us.

Part Numbers:

C/D size cradle      MGS600606

E size cradle           MGS 600607

Bed End / Transport cradle      MGS 600608