Audit Reports

Medical Gas Services Ltd, undertake compliance Audits for and on behalf of the healthcare establishments for the compliance to the HTM 02-01. These reports are undertaken on site and full reports are produced for each area, department, ward or unit. These audits cover both internal and external areas covering all of the patient care areas and the plant , manifold and cylinder areas.

The audit report is a report that not only points out the non—compliance but aims to aid in the progression of the site in the benefit to the patients and the staff. Health and safety, regulations and recommendations are all adhered to but the common sense factor is also applied by our fully qualified and very experienced team of professionals.

Our audits are undertaken at intervals that are required by both the regulations and recommendations but also to suite the needs of the healthcare establishment. These can be quarterly, six monthly or annually. All audits are complimented with a covering report and the recommendations and regulatory requirements are highlighted and presented in a manor that can be used for discussion.

Our audits can be presented in electronic, paper or as a presentation to the medical gas group. The benefit of the audits come clear very quickly as the healthcare establishments quickly show signs of progress of compliance safety and ease of controls. One other major factor we have shown to the trusts over the last few years is the benefit of cost savings for the trust year on year with the cylinder management.

Cylinder management is a large part of the audits as this reduces the number of unused cylinders in the trust and we work closely with the Pharmacy and the Portering departments to obtain the optimum number and type of cylinder to benefit the trust. This covers the cylinder storage, the rotation of stock and the delivering and utilization of the cylinders across the trust.  In the majority of sites we have been able to rationalize the cylinder numbers and types to enable safe patient care encumbering the reduction of the number of cylinders by strategically locating cylinders in compliant storage locations and with the correct signage and instruction.  This is also a major factor in the increased safety and fire safety compliance for the sites.

The auditing processes are undertaken on a regular basis to monitor and control the management of the medical gases and they also cover and aid the trust Authorized Person with the paperwork audits. Permit to work, policies and procedures are also an integral part of the audits, the control documents are imperative to ensure a safely managed system.

Medical Gas Services are here to help you in the progression of  your services and incorporate the safety requirements of the healthcare premises within your policies and procedures and to enable the policies and procedures to enhance the working of the site and patient safety.

For further advise and help on Auditing please do not hesitate to contact us.