Medical Gas Cylinder Trolleys

F / HX / ZX Trolleys

Our cylinder trolleys are designed to be ergonomically constructed for ease of use. The red securing straps are designed to remove all cylinder noise and be a clear and visible indicator of the cylinder being secure. All of our new trolleys are painted in a non slip paint which has anti bacterial properties and is extremely robust. The large wheels aid in the maneuvering of the trolley with its counter balance properties no effort is required to move a cylinder and its stability in the vertical position is exceptional.

J Trolleys

Our J size cylinder trolleys have been designed with one main factor in mind, SAFETY! this is the safety of th operative and the surrounding personnel and property. the four wheeled design removes the risks to the operative for the lifting and handelling and the large wheels reduce any transportation issues over the rougher of roadways and terrain. these trolleys will greatly increase the productivity and reduce all risks associated with cylinder manouvering.