Professional Services

Authorizing Engineers

We undertake the role of Authorizing Engineer for and on behalf of many NHS trusts, private hospitals and hospices throughout the UK. If you have any requirements please do not hesitate to contact us.

Authorized Persons

Our fully qualified team of engineers undertake the role for and on behalf of all types of medical gas  works to assist and stand in for the Authorized persons for all sites and build works. Our AP’s have over 100 years of collective experience and knowledge.

Competent Persons

Our team of competent persons undertake all manor of works on medical gas systems, we are able to offer maintenance, installations and repairs on all types of medical gases. Our primary role is for back up and support for establishments with limited knowledge.

Quality Controllers

We provide Quality Control testing throughout the UK for many different healthcare and industrial services. Our team of quality controllers would be pleased to help you with any requirements please contact us for any advise or help you may require.

Cylinder Audits

Our cylinder audits will provide you with a complete overview of the cylinders, their locations and compliance for the fire regulations and HTM compliance for security signage and quantities. This would cover both internal and external locations.

Compliance Audits

Our compliance Audits are fully inclusive of all areas of medical gases. They consist of a snap-shop of your premises and undertake to point out the areas were there are non compliance’s and opportunities for cost savings and health and safety improvements.

Policies and Procedures

Our fully qualified team will aid in the writing and the implementation of the Medical Gas Policy and Procedures. Whether the existing policy is out dated or requires some tweaking to cover compliance issues or requires a new document we are able to assist.

Pipeline system Design

Our design team can undertake to design full hospital systems, extensions or to check the existing systems are safe and compliant to ensure that the supplies are not compromising patient safety and ensure continual flow at each and every bed for patient safety.

Auto Cad  Drawings

We have fully qualified Auto-cad operatives whom will undertake adjustments to drawings, full site surveys and drawings of the premises including all pipelines and even cylinder storage locations in each ward and department and the AVSU numbers and keys.