Safety Training

Medical Gas Services Ltd, undertake to provide tailor made training courses for the requirements of each site. We undertake to train all persons in connection with the medical gas systems from the management of the property to the staff whom encounter them on a daily basis from the portering staff whom manoeuvre them to the nurses whom utilize them for administration to the domestic staff whom are responsible for the cleanliness and infection control issues around Medical Gases. Certification is provided for all attendees.

Training facilities we have include a fully furnished and up to-date training facility with a 7 foot screen and the latest projector and display technology. We can have up to 20 people on each of our in house courses and provide all refreshments and training notes.

We also undertake the training bespoke to each site and undertake the training on site at convenient times to capture the most staff and maximize the utilization of the staff time and hospital resources.

Nurse Training

Our nurse training sessions are tailored to each site covering all of the fundamental training requirements and then we can include any intricacies that their specific roles or sites may encompass. The session can be from a short as 40 minutes for the most basic safety course to a full 1/2 day session to encompass all aspects of the required training .

Porter Training

Porter / caretaker training is undertake to ensure that during the maneuvering of the cylinders, changing of the cylinders and the storage is undertaken in a safe and compliant manor for the safety and benefit of all parties involved. The porters safety is paramount in the moving and changing of the cylinders and this intern ensures the correct and uninterrupted flow of the medical gases for the patients.

1/2 day and full day sessions are available on site for the portering staff to gain the knowledge, refresh their knowledge or just to further their skills and be an integral part of the hospital management system to provide a safe and compliant location for the treatment of the patients.