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Do Not Use Plugs – Medical Gas Supplies


Due to the number of continuing incidents in the UK with miss connection of patients to inoperable terminal units we have taken the measure of introducing 3 products to enable safe working practices.

The introduction of the red DO NOT USE PLUG to symbolize danger has been very effective in the 3 trusts where these have been tested.

The issue of the Insertion and removal has been addressed by ensuring that the plugs can be inserted and removed without the use of tooling and risk of damage to the terminal units but with deliberate action and intervention by the traditional method of depressing the terminal unit collar. These will also fit the Schrader type terminal unit and all types of BS 5682 connectors including cylinders.

One issue we face within the modern NHS is the time constraints and pressures put upon the staff and with this in mind we have produced the 2 isolation kits. The first of the isolation kit was developed with a single ward in mind for a single gas isolation. Therefore this case holds 30 plugs and has room for the permit to work book and accompanying paperwork. This will keep all of the required parts together and on completion of the works, a simple glance at the case will show that all of the plugs have been removed and returned to the case, avoiding  plugs being lost and used in the incorrect circumstances.

When larger areas or multiple gases are utilized our second isolation kit comes in to use. This kit hold 60 plugs to facilitate a 3 gas ward shutdown again with individual slots for each plug a simple glance with confirm the return of all of the plugs.

We are also offering training days and workshops for permit to work undertaking and isolation of medical gases including a 1/2 day back to basics workshop. All of our training is geared to the needs of the individuals based around a basic syllabus.

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